Gameplay FAQ

In this article, you'll find answers to the frequently asked questions about Throne Rush.

I can't get the jackpot/decors in the Wheel of Fortune!

The jackpot and decors are the most valuable rewards in the Wheel of Fortune. The more valuable the reward, the lower the drop chance.

Arena matchmaking.

Arena matchmaking is based on the level of your Castle and the amount of Morale you have. Your village level, which you can view in the upper right corner of the game screen, is not taken into account.

Each Castle level matches a particular Morale range. First, the matchmaking system tries to find the opponent within this range. If there are too few players within the range, the system slightly expands it. This system will expand the range repeatedly until it finds an opponent for you.

If you are matched against opponents with lower or higher Morale, it means that there are no available players within your original Morale range. 

Note that each Castle level has a minimum Morale value. The system will not match you against opponents whose Morale is lower than this value. This restriction exists to ensure that players do not decrease their Morale on purpose to fight weaker opponents.

Brotherhood Battles matchmaking.

Brotherhood Battles matchmaking is based on the average level of the top five Castles placed on the Battle Map. However, there are situations when opponents of equal levels cannot be found. In that case, the matchmaking system picks the opponent with the closest Brotherhood level.

How do I get the daily Brotherhood gift?

First of all, five Brotherhood members have to activate the gift. After that, you need to get a certain number of cups in Brotherhood Challenges. This number depends on the level of your Brotherhood. The higher the level, the more cups you need.
To check how many cups you have acquired in the current Challenge:

  1. Open the Brotherhoods menu.
  2. Open the Members tab.
  3. Click the cup icon to sort the member list according to the number of acquired cups.
Do I lose my cups when I switch Brotherhoods?
Yes, the number of cups resets when you leave your Brotherhood and join a new one.
I was attacked while being online.

The daily limit for online protection is six hours. This limit resets every day at 00:00 UTC.

Online protection works only when you actually play the game. It will work for another 15 minutes after closing the game. If you simply leave the game open but do not play it, protection will not work. 

Some of the game items are missing.
Items in the game do not disappear on their own: every single in-game action is processed and validated by the game server. If an item is not there, it means that it was either used or was not there in the first place.
I forgot to collect Archipelago rewards.

The reward can be claimed only during the Archipelago tournament. It's impossible to restore forgotten rewards. Make sure to collect all rewards in time.

I have enough resources but can't upgrade a building.

To upgrade a building, you need enough capacity in the storage facilities, i.e., Treasury and Barn.

For example, if an upgrade requires 50,000 gold, your Treasury has to be capable of storing this amount of gold.

How to get Dragon Ore?

If you get fragments of an Artifact that is maxed out, they are automatically converted into Dragon Ore. You can use it to open Legendary Chests in Artifact Storage.


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