Two armies recruitment (Mobile version)

Recruiting process

When you tap on Barracks or icon with the helmet above the Attack button, you will open army recruiting interface.


In this menu you will be able to recruit troops and craft spells for your armies. Also, you can switch between armies by tapping on tabs in the upper part of the screen.


The capacity of each army depends on the Headquarters level. The higher is the single Headquarters level, the more troops the corresponding army can fit.

After or during the hiring process any unit can be removed by tapping on the red minus sign in the upper-right part of troop icon. If you remove a unit you will get the full hiring cost back.

Armies are built one by one after each other, if you have an active queue in one army, another one will start hiring only after the first one is complete.

As soon as recruitment starts you can't switch queue on to the other army but you still can cancel the queue.

More Barracks will increase recruitment speed. Every further level of Barracks will decrease the training time of a specific unit that unlocks on that specific level. For example: if you have two Barracks with level 2 then after upgrading the third one your elves will train faster.  

Recruitment time table (in seconds)

Name 4 barracks 3 barracks 2 barracks 1 barrack
Knight 8 12 14 16
Elf 6 9 12 16
Orc 15 20 30 60
Goblin 6 9 12 16
Troll 45 60 90 180
Eagle 60 90 120 240
Mage 45 60 90 180
Wraith 90 120 180 360
Ent 480 720 960 1920
Dragon 360 540 720 1440
Scorpion 120 120 120 120
Ifrit 60 60 60 60
Arachnid 45 45 45 45
Battle Elephant 900 900 900 900
Nymph 180 180 180 180


When the battle is over you will be offered to replenish your army. Also, you can check auto-replenish next time box, in that case your army will be replenished automatically if you have enough resources. You can cancel auto recruiting in the settings menu.


Before the battle starts you can select one of your armies. You can switch between them by tapping on a helmet icon in the lower-left part of the screen.


Note that all units and spells that are received from special events or bastion of horror (they are marked with a special icon) do not count towards the specific army's maximum capacity. Basically, they do not occupy space in your armies. Also, they be used with any army.

You can see your extra troops by tapping on Headquarters and opening Extra army menu:


After the preparation phase or after you deploy a unit or spell you can't change the active army.


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