Stealing resources

Base amount of resources you can pillage

When your and your opponent's castle levels are equal you can steal 20% of resources from the resource storages (and the castle, which is now also considered a 'storage') and 50% from the windmills and quarries.

The amount of resources you can steal from the storages cannot exceed the limit.

Attack with the castle level difference

If the attacker's castle level is higher, he recieves a penalty to the amount of resources he can pillage for every level of difference:

  • One level — 10% penalty
  • Two levels — 50% penalty
  • Three levels — 75% penalty
  • Four levels — 95% penalty

If the attacker's level is lower, he recieves a bonus to the amount of resources he can pillage for every level of difference:

  • One level — 10% bonus
  • Two levels — 50% bonus
  • Three levels — 100% bonus

Android and iOS mobile game versions don't have a bonus for attacking higher level castles.

At the start of the battle you see the amount of available resources you can steal including all these bonuses or penalties, depending on the castle levels. The resource pillage amount from storages cannot exceed the limit after applying all these bonuses.

Stealing limits

There is a limit in the game on the maximum amount of resources you can potentially pillage excluding the effects of relics. It depends on the castle level of attacking player.


Castle level Gold/Food limit Magic Sand limit
1-6 200 000 -
7 250 000 -
8 330 000 -
9 450 000 -
10 600 000 -
11 700 000 15 000
12 900 000 16 000
13 1 200 000 18 000
14 1 700 000 26 000
15 2 000 000 32 000
16 2 500 000 50 000
17 2 750 000 60 000
18 3 000 000 70 000
19 3 300 000 80 000

The limit does not include the resources from windmills and quarries.



Developer comments We need the pillage limits so that the attacker player recieves a worthy reward for his efforts without actually ruining the defending player's economy. For instance, let's review a situation without enabling the stealing limits: You have accumulated 14 000 000 gold over the week to build a level 13 barn. You wasn't quick enough to start the building process and you got attacked by a player of higher level. He performed a 3-star attack on you and stole 2 520 000 gold, quite a large amount of resources you were gather for extensive time. After this attack you recieve a temporary shield against further attacks, but this time won't be enough to refill the lost resources.  Considering this situation we can come to a conclusion that the higher level players would be able to steal most of the resources from the lower level players in a few attacks, which would drastically slower your overall town progression. With the limits implementation, in the same situation as described above the amount of resources higher level player could steal is limited to 1 080 000 gold, which allows the defending player to at least partially refill the loss and start the barn upgrade process.



Artifacts and relics effect

At the start of the battle the effect of all the attacker's relics and artifacts is matched with the sum of defender's bonuses from artifacts and relics to determine the final result.

Please note, however, that the defensive bonus for saved resources cannot exceed 95%, and the bonus for pillage cannot exceed 100%. So it turns out a player cannot steal less than 5%, and no more than 200% of the resources at the start of the battle.

The final result is added to the amount of resources available in the storages. These bonuses don't affect the resources from the windmills and quarries.

Bonus resources from the artifacts and relics are added over the stealing limit.



Developer comments The use of artifacts and relics allows you to recieve more resources for attacking other players and also to save more of your own resources when defending your town. However, we would also require some kind of limits to these parameters - you cannot pillage more than 195% of other player's resources, and cannot save more than 95% of yours. As an example, you have a castle level 15 and have accumulated 20 000 000 gold. Another player with equal castle level attacks you with the bonus of 20% of gold pillage. Including all limits, the base amount he can potentially steal 2 000 000 gold and 6 000 0000 including all bonuses from the relics, which is a huge amount and recovering such a sum would be very hard. That is why we also included a restriction to relics and artifacts bonuses, and with the limit of 95% he can only steal up to 3 900 000, which isn't as hard to generate as 6 000 000. This system works likewise the other way around. If you could have bonuses to 100% of resources saved during attacks, the game's genre would switch from war strategy into a 'farm' type.



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