Brotherhood Wars and Leagues

Brotherhood Wars last for 24 hours, you can start taking part in Wars after you reach castle level 8. Only those brotherhoods that have made an arrangement of their bases on “War map” can participate in Wars. Your opponents in the Battle of Brotherhoods are selected based on the average level of the top 5 Castles, which were set on the Battle Map. 


War Headquarter


Preparation starts after 48 hours since last war.

In order to participate in a War brotherhood leader and officers will have to make an arrangement of brotherhood members' towns on the map of Brotherhood War. 10 towns with castles of level 8+ should be placed on the map squares. An arrangement can be changed only during the preparation for a War. If you are chosen to take part in a War you will be able to open “War Map” from “War Headquarter”. You can't leave brotherhood if you are participating in a War.

Leader and officers will be able to use special skills during preparations for a War (Cost of skills grows after each use, each skill has limited amount of uses):

Trap – Destroys opponent's squad placed on the same square with it. (can be used up to 2 times)

Fog - Doesn't allow the opponent to see what is placed on the square by using Recon. (can be used up to 3 times)

Each War participant should form two squads in the “War Headquarter”. The maximum amount of units in each squad is equal to the maximum capacity of all your headquarters. You can edit your squad's line-up until you press “Enter the War”.

Note: each squad is to be deployed in one battle. So even if you not used all of the squad's units, all of them will be gone after the end of a battle.


War map

During the War time leader and officers can use “Recon” skill which shows the square content on the opponent's map. If Recon detects opponent's town, it will be possible to observe town's arrangement. If there is Trap on this square, the Trap will be destroyed. Your brotherhood can use "Recon" up to 3 times.

When you enter the War Map you are able to move and fight with your first squad, then with the second one. You are not allowed to start the War with the second squad at once. You can make the first move on any square of the first line.

Note: you can make next moves on the squares, which are connected to opened and passed squares. Several squads can be placed on the one square, they won't cause an obstruction to each other. You are not allowed to move diagonally on closed squares.

If your squad gets on the square with the enemy's town, you will have to start a battle. In this moment your allies see that your squad stands on the square with enemy's town, but they cannot observe the arrangement of this town or move on this square.

Heroes can be used in a War the same way they do in all other battles: they will also need recovery time. The number of spells you can take to War battles from the Alchemy Lab is limited to 5. Please note: You can buy spells in combat like in regular battle.

If enemy's town was not destroyed for 100% in the previous attack, you and your allies will be able to attack it again. The most successful result (in accordance with the stars gained) applies towards your War progress. Each attack performs on fully repaired base.

Brotherhood leader and officers can also leave their instructions for other members in special chat on the War map. Also you will be able to check the course of battle in the War journal.

War results:

When the War is about to end the winner is chosen in accordance with the amount of stars gained during this War. If both brotherhoods have the same amount of stars, the winner is selected in accordance with percents of destruction which was performed during the War. If your brotherhood opts into the War, but the rival is not selected, your brotherhood will receive Star Chest.

Star Chest is a compensation for missed War. You will be able to open it after the Battle ends. Your brotherhood will receive stars depending on the number of stars your brotherhood gained in the Wars during the current Season.

When the War ends, each Brotherhood member who participated in this War, can receive certain amount of resources in the Brotherhood House. This amount depends on the player's efficiency during the War. 

Brotherhood Leagues is a rating system to pick best brotherhoods of the season.

In Brotherhood Wars rating you can see Leagues' rules, special timer indicating how much time is left till the Season's end and information about brotherhoods in your League.

There are 5 Leagues in game (Wooden, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). Each brotherhood will start from the first League. When the Season will be about to end, brotherhoods will move in the Leagues according to their results during this Season. Each League (except the Wooden one), consists of a limited number of brotherhoods. When your brotherhood reaches a new League for the first time, all members of this brotherhood will get unique decors.

Stars are added to the League rating only if a brotherhood wins a Battle or the score is even. If a brotherhood loses a Battle, the stars for the lost Battle are not added to the overall League rating. 

Note: during first several Seasons after the update release, brotherhoods will not move into the previous Leagues.

Positioning in ratings depent on next parameters in order of their priority (example: if 2 brotherhoods have same number of stars, they are rated by average % of destruction, if that number is same, they are rated by level of brotherhood e.t.c.):

  1. Number of stars earned
  2. Average destruction %
  3. Level of brotherhood
  4. Number of brotherhood members

At the beginning of a new Season all the stars and the percentage of destruction in Brotherhood War rating are set to zero.


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