VIP status

Become the chosen one!

  • VIP throws open the daily presents that are waiting for you: harsh Skyriders, new legendary hero Celestial, ancient magic Wrath of the Skies and, of course, gems!
  • The higher VIP level is – the more free gifts you will get every day! Maximum number of warriors and magic depends on VIP level. 
  • VIP level is upgrading automatically while you spend gems in the game. Note that VIP level is rising even when VIP is not activated.
  • If you have VIP you will receive more profitable offers while purchasing gems.
  • You can purchase Skyriders and Wrath of the Skies by yourself when you have VIP (in Barracks and Alchemy Lab).
  • The levels of your VIP warriors are determined by the Castle level, and the spell is upgraded in the Alchemy Lab. Celestial gains experience in battles as well as other immortal heroes. After your VIP expires, the hero's level stays the same.
  • Players with VIP are also specially highlighted in the Brotherhood list. 

Please remember to collect your VIP daily gifts from your ingame Mailbox every day, because they do not stack.

ATTENTION: If you have N units/spells in your HQ/Alchemy Lab you will receive only the difference between N and your VIP level limit.
For example: if you have 15 VIP units and your VIP level limit is 19 units, you will receive 4 units. So - you should spend the existing units and spells in battle to receive new ones in future gifts.


Subscription cost will be charged automatically every 7 days.

You can cancel your subscription in the *Account Settings* tab in *Payments* section of your Facebook account settings.
You will find additional information in Facebook Help Center.

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