Brotherhoods are made to unite players and give new goals to the gameplay.

You can open brotherhoods window via an icon on the bottom of the game or by pressing C on the keyboard.


A list of existing Brotherhoods will open. You can search for a certain Brotherhood and apply for membership.



Please note one important thing: you can't be a member of two Brotherhoods simultaneously. If you are already in a Brotherhood, you need to leave or disband it to apply to another one. You need to wait 24 hours to apply to new Brotherhood in this case.


Furthermore, you can create your own Brotherhood. Open «Create» tab.



You will be able to change all parameters later.

If you want your friends to join your Brotherhood, they should find it in the list and apply for membership.

Brotherhood's Revenge

Your comrades from the Brotherhood can take revenge for you on your opponents.

To ask for help click on the Revenge button in the battle report and then press «Brotherhood's revenge!» button while visiting your attacker's town.

This player will be placed to Brotherhood's Journal and any player from your team will be able to attack them.

The revenge can be done only once, after the avenging battle the player will disappear from the Journal.


Brotherhood Challenges

The Brotherhood Challenges is a weekly event that starts every Wednesday and lasts for a day. You may find more information in the special article.

Brotherhood Wars

Brotherhood Wars are up every Monday and Friday and last for 24 hours. You may find more information in the special article.

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