Edit mode

You can have up to three presets and change them at any time.

You need to enter the Edit mode first. Press the Spanner button near your village name or press E on your keyboard.


You'll be able to choose one of three presets after that.


You can mouse over any of this placement and 4 available options will show up.


  1. Select — you will mark chosen preset as active. All Arena battles will take place on this preset.
  2. Military — you will mark chosen preset as war preset. This preset will be active during Brotherhood wars. You can find more information in this article.
  3. Edit — you will enter the Edit mode.
  4. Copy — you will be to copy chosen preset to another one.

Pay attention! Your military preset set to the active, if you add any building on the active one. You'll need to place those buildings on the military placement to enable it again. 


In the Edit mode, you can freely place all buildings as you want. You can also use Clear button to fully clear map and place all buildings from the scratch.


You can also rotate your buildings after you press the special button.

You can either Save your new map when all buildings are placed or Cancel the changes at any time. 

Every building occupies the certain number of squares. If you didn't have enough squares to place all your building you can unlock additional ones.

You can't delete any of your constructions, but you will never need to — all buildings are useful in the game process!

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