Completing Quests is an efficient way to develop your Town and become more powerful. Mostly you will be rewarded with resources and experience, but it is also possible to obtain some extra gems. All Quests are displayed at the left side of the game screen. When the quest is completed, just click on the quest icon to collect your reward.

Main Quests:

These Quests are about creating and upgrading your buildings, recruiting and researching your warriors. The rewards are resources and experience. 

All Quests which require recruiting warriors have an important feature: You need to recruit the specified number of units at a time (e.g. if the task is to recruit 20 knights, you must recruit all of them before going to any battle).

World map Quests:

Fight on World Map and complete these tasks to gain extra resources and experience. Sometimes you will need to pass World map Quests to continue your Main Quests.

Arena (PvP) Quests:

The main task in these quests is to acquire Morale points fighting other Players on Arena. There are 4 PvP quests in Throne Rush: Echo of War (100 m.p.), Military Glory (500 m.p.), Art of War (1000 m.p.) Infinite Battle (2000 m.p.) and rewards are 10, 50, 200, 500 gems respectively.

Please note - the amount of Morale points which is displayed in the quest progress is the maximum amount you've gained through the game.

The actual amount is shown in the top right corner. 

You will be able to complete the quest when your actual morale (29 in this example) reaches the required amount (500 in this example).

Social Quest:

Three of your friends should complete the "Necromancer's Lair" mission on the World Map and send you the crystal shards. After the completion your friends will see a Crystal Shard icon at the right side of the screen. ATTENTION: the Crystal can be sent only once to only one friend. Every time you join a game you will see a notification showing you how many shards have you collected so far (e.g. if it says "1 shard collected" that means you still have collected only 1 shard).



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